PRIMODAL is an innovative softwaretool for analyzing, improving and above all understanding the dynamic behavior of your structures.

PRIMODAL is developed in a close collaboration with a group of industrial partners in order to satisfy constantly evolving industrial needs in a cost-effective manner.

Written using Matlab, PRIMODAL may run either as a Matlab application or a standalone application with no need for Matlab or a Matlab license. Standalone versions are available for PCs running Windows or Linux.

Licensing Options

There are two ways of using PRIMODAL : by purchase or rental. In the case of a purchased license the software is licensed on a perpetual basis, providing the right to use the software indefinitely. The software may be installed on any number of machines and may be used by any number of users for the licensed site. Moreover the software includes both Matlab and standalone (compiled) versions for windows and linux platforms. The purchased license also includes a two-day on-site training course as well as one year of maintenance and updates. At the end of the maintenance period the licensee has the possibility to renew the maintenance services via an annual maintenance contract.

The rental license consists of a monthly-based rental of PRIMODAL . The rental license allows the licensee to use the software only during the period of the rental (controlled by a license key file). The software may be installed on any number of machines and may be used by any number of users. Only the standalone (compiled) versions for windows and linux platforms are available for the rental version. Support and updates are provided during the rental period. At any time, the licensee may opt for the purchase of a license in which case the amounts spent on license rentals will be deducted from the license purchase price.

Application Modules

PRIMODAL includes the following application modules:

POST FEM Post-Processing
RESP Frequency Response Computation and Management
REDMOD Reduced Models
VIAC Sound Power Radiation
NASTAR Vibro-acoustic Responses using NASTRAN
DIPOLE Vibro-acoustic Responses of unbaffled structures
SENOPT Optimal Sensor Design
SENSOR Sensor Validation for Shaker Table Tests
TAPPA Sensor Validation for Modal Survey Tests
IDEN Modal Identification using the RTMVI Method
TOMA Tool for Operational Modal Analysis
COMP Test-Analysis Correlation
OCHECK Test-Analysis Orthogonality Check
MODI Structural Modification and Reanalysis
CRE_LOC Model Error Localization using CRE
CRE_UP Model Updating using the CRE Method
UPDATE Model Updating using Modal Approach
ORTHOPT Optimization of Orthotropic Material Constants
NOTCH Sine Test Vibration Test Prediction and Control
SOLO Sound Transmission Loss in Panel Structures
RBMASS Indetification of Rigid-Body Mass Properties
CHOQ Shock Synthesis from SRS based on Fast Sine Sweep

Please consult the primodal_flyer for further details.