As an accredited training organization, Top Modal proposes short courses and seminars in structural dynamics and related fields. The courses are offered at Top Modal in Toulouse or on-site and typically run from 1 to 3 days in duration. The course content may be adapted to the particular needs of each customer. Courses are available in English or French and may include the following references as part of the course material.


Several examples of courses are listed below.

  • Structural Dynamics in Industry (the 1-degree-of-freedom system, review of the finite-element method, the modal approach, damping considerations, modal synthesis, modal identification, model updating and validation)

  • Structural Dynamics and Vibration Tests(dynamic environments, frequency responses, random responses, transient responses (shock), vibration tests, equivalent environments)

  • Primodal – Theory and Practice (introduction to Primodal, user interface and database, presentation and demo of modules)


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