Release Notes

3.0.16  Jul 31 2020

  • Bug fix in Tappa for COCA for grids not in ascending order
  • Bug fix in NX-NASTRAN dmap when importing kinetic energies

3.0.15  Jun 10 2020

  • Bug fix in modal kinetic energies using NX/Nastran V9 & 10

3.0.14  Jan 29 2019

  • Bug fix when animating complex reference modes in COMP
  • Bug fix in frequencies imported from NX V9.0

3.0.13  Nov 27 2019

  • Bug fix in rank table for Limit of selected sensor

3.0.12  Nov 25 2019

  • Save variables exceeding 2 GB (MATLAB >= R2017a only)
  • Correction in Nastran version detection for MAT2 and MAT9
  • Indicate Primodal build in exported reduced models
  • Viscoelastic zones using multiple mode sets

3.0.11  Jul 19 2019

  • Bug fix in IDEN when specifying Fmin during FRF import
  • Bug fix when importing BULK mesh with large format entries
  • Speed improvements for MATLAB 2018a version

3.0.10  May 17 2019

  • Improved Nastran version detection for MAT2 and MAT9
  • Improvements to SENSOR module:
    • Bug fix to avoid left-handed New Coordinate Systems
    • Flip only when gain in orientation error > 0.1

3.0.9  May 10 2019

  • Improvements to NOTCH module:
    • COMB file can now be imported with PCH file
    • Use linear interpolation by default when importing AD02

3.0.8  Apr 29 2019

  • New dmap primodal_v2017.dmp for MSC/NASTRAN >= V2017
  • Bug fix in SENSOR for COCA file entries w/o responses
  • Bug fix in NASTRAN INCLUDE tool when using relative paths
  • Bug fix in detection of residual modes in Nastran import

3.0.7  Mar 11 2019

  • Single precision option in SOLO to reduce required memory
  • Bug fix in MASS OP to allow for “GRID *” entries in PCH
  • DMIG with TIN = 2 allowed (although “E” exponent assumed)

3.0.6  Jan 29 2019

  • Introduce padding for animation in TAPPA module
  • Optional fmin selection when importing FRF in IDEN module

3.0.5  Dec 04 2018

  • Bug fix when exporting time history in TOMA module
  • NASTRAN import with duplicate GRID and CORD IDs

3.0.4  Oct 16 2018

  • Bug fix when exporting pilot inaccuracy BIP in PILOTS tab
  • Bug fix in mesh plot of solid elements using fast graphics

3.0.3  Oct 05 2018

  • Faster 3D graphics for models with large number of solids
  • Cutting Plane refresh performed after mouse release
  • Bug fix when using MODESELECT in NASTRAN

3.0.2  Sep 19 2018

  • Bug fix when opening build history with blanks in filepath

3.0.1  Aug 30 2018

  • Bug fixes in NOTCH module:
    • Menus in EXT file import window were not working
    • Wrong selected responses exported to UNV file
    • Incorrect results using Pilot Inaccuracies in BIP tab

3.0.0  Jul 24 2018

  • First delivery of V3.0
  • Official release of NOTCH module
  • New SOLO module for sound transmission loss in panels
  • Compatibility with MATLAB V2018a

2.9.16  Jul 16 2018

  • Bug fixes in NOTCH module:
    • Inactive sensors excluded when determining rank
    • BIP magnitude plotted in PLOT tab (was real part)
    • Limits in RUN tab properly displayed
    • Picking values in PILOTS tab
  • Bug fix in SENSOR module when coca file references sensors that are not in the experimental mesh
  • More reliable nas_call function to determine end of job by searching for “finished” text in LOG file

2.9.15  Jun 18 2018

  • Improvments to Mass Operator in Notch module:
    • Compatible with local coordinate systems in NASTRAN model
    • Compatible with condensed models containing superelements
    • ASET may contain a superset of DOF used by COCA file
    • Optional BULK file to define local sensor orientations
    • Check mode to verify input data and display results
  • Improvements to OP4 Scan utility:
    • Works with binary and text OP4 files
    • Export one or all matrices to MAT-file
  • Bug fix when selecting Reference model in UPDATE, CRE_LOC and CRE_UP modules

2.9.14  May 16 2018

  • Mass operator import option without DMAP in NOTCH module
  • Improvements to IDEN module when importing FRF:
    • Automatic generation of sensor name when blank or “NONE”
    • Limit frequency range to user-defined fmax
  • REDMOD module user interface automatically saved
  • Coupled fluid-structure enhancements:
    • DMAP scripts for NASTRAN V2010 and V2013-present
    • Viscous damping taken into account
    • Minor bug fixes
  • Bug fix in Effective Mass tables for models with fluid cavities and models with complex modes

2.9.13  Dec 18 2017

  • Improved fluid-structure coupled analysis:
    • Improved DMAP for SOL 103 couple analysis
    • New DMAP for SOL 107 coupled analysis
    • Compatibility with sensitivity analysis and reduced models
  • Improvements in SENSOR module:
    • Improved algorithm for determining new coordinate systems
    • Animation fo responses via Pick Values icon
  • Bug fix when displaying effective masses in IDEN
  • Padding used by default when animating mesh in IDEN
  • Corrections in ABAQUS and MARC reduced models

2.9.12  Oct 31 2017

  • New AERO module for evaluating aerodynamic stability of flexible rocket nozzles subjected to a compression shock

2.9.11  Jul 11 2017

  • Import of superelement strain energies via .pm4 and .red files
  • Table of entire MAC matrix in COMP module
  • Response import in RESP module via TEXT file

2.9.10  Jun 12 2017

  • Bug fix in Notch module when using Print menu

2.9.9  Jun 02 2017

  • Energy decomposition dmap script primodal_nrg_v2017.dmp for MSC/NASTRAN >= v2017
  • Minor bug fixes (control issues) in ORTHOPT module

2.9.8  May 09 2017

  • New TAPPA module for inspecting, analyzing and validating FRF obtained from modal survey tests
  • Selection of optimal excitation points in SENOPT module
  • Node pairing option in COMP module using correspondence file containing Model-Reference node pairs
  • Rigid junction node “JRIGID” available in RESP module for models with hyperstatic (indeterminate) junctions

2.9.7  Apr 03 2017

  • Bug fix in Notch module when using cutline with log scales
  • Import fluid cavity modes for future STL module
  • SAMCEF import: render model import independent of model size

2.9.6  Mar 09 2017

  • Bug fix in Project Manager when performing rename, repath and remove of projects

2.9.5  Mar 04 2017

  • Bug fix in NASTRAN model import with repeated element IDs involving elements with no property cards (CELAS2, etc)

2.9.4  Feb 20 2017

  • Bug fix in IDEN when importing mesh with no elements

2.9.3  Jan 31 2017

  • SAMCEF interface compatible with V15, V16 and V17
  • Reduce marker size of nodes in 3D plots

2.9.2  Jan 23 2017

  • SAMCEF interface improvements:
    • Modes with MF = 0, 1 and 4
    • Addition of CPENTA and CTETRA volume elements

2.9.1  Jan 09 2017

  • Junction DOF added to ABAQUS import ($ JUNCTION DOF)

2.9.0  Dec 12 2016

  • First delivery of V2.9:
    • New VOLUMES module for modification of elements within user-defined volumes
    • New ORTHOPT module for optimization of orthotropic material engineering constants
    • Sensitivity analysis for orthotropic materials
    • Matlab version ported to most recent versions of MATLAB
    • Compiled version available for V2012a and V2013a MCR
    • License control features for rental version
    • Parameterized management of Build number and date
    • Numerous enhancements and bug fixes